Providing Ku or C band space segment for contribution or feed/SNG use on different satellite over 5 continents.
We have got plenty of capacity on most popular contribution satellite with thousands of antenna pointed to them, including but not limited to:
- Eutelsat E21B(W6)@ 21.5 East
- Eutelsat E10A(W2A)@ 10 East
- Eutelsat E3B@ 3.0 East
- Eutelsat 36B@ 36 East
- Intelsat 902@ 62 East
- Intelsat 10-02@ 1 West
- AM6@ 53 East
Required space segments can be provided to customers in different slots ranging from 1.0 MHz to as big as a full transponder.

Global Fiber & IP Connectivity
BHS Communications also provides TV Contribution/Signaling services through global fiber optic transmission chain. The global fiber optic transmission provides the highest quality fiber ASI/SDH and IP/SDH technology.
Our fiber Points of Presence (POP) are located at the global broadcast industry’s most heavily trafficked focal points, including but not limited to:
London Telehouse, Paris Telehouse, Milan Caldera, and other main POPs shown on below map:
Coverage Fleet (Fixed Picture as below)