Media Management & Playout

BHS Playout is a Playout control system that links a nonlinear editing system with an electronic news production system, media workflow application framework, and a media server for a complete digital solution. Playback operators use the main BHS Playout application to create new playlists, and to control playlists before and during broadcasts. Our Playout application consists of several components such as Clip Browser, Playlist Overview, Rundown List, Channel windows and Playlist to coordinate playback. The Playout also supports graphics, workflow through an interface to the graphics Playout engine. The Playout frame-accurately triggers the graphics engine for a direct play-to-air as well.

Through BHS Playout, playback operators can search, add, and edit Meta data of assets created for broadcasts. The plugin allows play back operators to preview assets via the Source Viewer or the Inspector without taking up a channel on the Playout server.
In addition, the Playout includes tools to integrate the program production workflow between a media server, BHS Edit, and the newsroom computer system.

Our global infrastructure, coupled with over 15 years of experience and our substantial role in connecting Europe and Asia in respect to news, sports and special events make our teleport facilities a leader in satellite communications.

BHS provides end-to-end broadcast solutions including; Uplink, Downlink, Turnaround and Playout services from our advanced, fully automated teleport facilities. Strategically located at the cross roads of Europe, Africa and Asia and Africa. Our main teleport serves both permanent and occasional user broadcast clients from around the world.

Having the most advanced HD, 3D and SD digital technologies; over 250 satellite dish farm with C-Band, Ku-Band and Ka-Band capabilities; and comprehensive world-wide coverage, we deliver your channel to every corner of the world.

BHS provides a wide range of monitoring services to various clientele; broadcasters, governments, private entities, and news agencies. and other teleports as well as engineering monitoring to Satellite operators by maximizing the use of our more than 250 satellite dish farm and BHS TELECOMMUNICATIONS perfect position looking at most European, Middle Eastern, African and Asian Satellites

Our talented monitoring teams are fully engaged watching broadcasts 24/7 in English, Arabic, Farsi and Swahili languages. With proven analytical credentials, these multi-lingual experts follow broadcasts from around the world and report on them to our clients for purposes if intelligence.