Products & Solutions

BHS offers turnkey uplink solutions for Television and Channels contribution and turnaround.

We offer satellite capacity and uplink system for activities such as:
  • Backhauling material from studios for redistribution
  • Satellite transmission from outside broadcasts.

These services are available in C, KU or KA band satellite capacities and are available either by satellite or via fiber provided by us.

For satellite services, we provide an on-site uplink terminal as part of the package. These terminals are quick to install and can be operational in a short span of time. They are based on: MPEG2 / 4 DVB – S/S2 encoding with SDI interface; 1.2 – 2.4M antenna; and up to 200W Transmitter.

BHS TELECOMMUNICATIONS services are available on different satellite bands; from strategic teleports the entire world. We also offer standard conversion and logo insertion if required.

Our services are tailored to meet the individual needs of our customers

BHS Mobile VSAT Flyaway Antenna systems are compact, and have highly rugged configuration well suited for worldwide use.

The unmatched performance and reliability of the BHS fully motorized petitioners employing the zero backlash BHS cable drive system guarantee optimum pointing accuracy and pointing stability. No maintenance is required.

The antenna can be set up deployed by one person in less than 15 minutes and the one button auto acquisition controller locates and precisely aligns the antenna in all three axis (azimuth, elevation AND polarization) to the required satellite.

The rugged flight cases are designed to provide protection even in the most demanding environments. We have provided antennas throughout the world, including areas that have harsh climates, for military and broadcast purposes and disaster relief.

If you require a fast and easy to use flyaway antenna that can survive rugged handling, and one that will achieve accuracy and stability even in the most extreme conditions then BHS has the solution.

In today's world with unexpected events such as volcanoes and earthquakes, or conflict/war torn areas, there is a demand for reliable, vehicle-mounted satellite communications for effective information transmission between command and tactical levels. These satellite-on-the-move (SOTM) solutions must be able to perform faultlessly in the most extreme conditions.

Our integrated SOTM solutions combine stealth-design antennas with low SWAP BUCs and battle-proven modems, which are suitable for use in any situation. The features are as follows:

  • Always-on communications, with no setup time
  • Fully automated, 1-minute signal acquisition and tracking
  • Immediate and rapid signal re-acquisition on satellite line of sight blockages
  • Real-time communications for vehicles moving at high speeds in tough terrain
  • Over-the-horizon network access with virtually unlimited range

Our RaySat antennas deliver mission-critical data, voice and video for secure, real-time information flow.

It operates in Ku, Ka and X bands.
These antennas are popular in applications such as:
Digital satellite news gathering (DSNG)

  • Maritime (commercial shipping and cruise ships)
  • In-flight connectivity
  • Trains and buses
  • Offshore
  • Cellular backhaul