Managed Broadcast Solutions

BHS satellite, fiber optic & IP resources, combined with our team’s extensive knowledge, experience and technical creativity allow us to deliver your channels to any Pay TV, Mobile TV and IPTV operator, Teleport or Satellite in every corner of the world. We deliver highly professional and cost effective solutions tailor-made for your specific contribution needs. 

BHS TELECOMMUNICATIONS provides a wide range of monitoring services to broadcasters, governments, private entities and news agencies.

BHS’s Master Control Room (MCR) is the heart of our operations with a full bank of monitors, communication equipment and computers with complete built-in systems. Designed to provide instant responses for your content transmission needs, our technical operations center operates on a 24/7 basis all year round. Our trained MCR technicians are ready to handle breaking news and special events as they happen.

BHS infrastructure is based on the state-of-the-art technology to meet the highest broadcasting standards. Located in a secure facility, our infrastructure provides efficient, professional monitoring and maintenance. All the equipment is fully automated and HD adapted, with up to 12 simultaneous streams including feeds encoding, decoding, encrypting and multiplexing.

The MCR is also the base for operations and coordinates placement and links for our SNG fleet. With a full set of technicians, we are able to follow their status and keep our fleet at the crux of events. With the MCR it is ensured that feeds are transmitted to the proper places.

Our trained staff follow in real time all of the group’s activities with full-scale monitoring of services and we understand that the pulse of our operations is focused in the MCR. We monitor this pulse at all times and are quick to take corrective actions, if needed.