On-the move Video transmission
In today's world with unexpected events such as volcanoes and earthquakes, or conflict/war torn areas, there is a demand for reliable, vehicle-mounted satellite communications for effective information transmission between command and tactical levels. These satellite-on-the-move (SOTM) solutions must be able to perform faultlessly in the most extreme conditions.
Our integrated SOTM solutions combine stealth-design antennas with low SWAP BUCs and battle-proven modems, which are suitable for use in any situation. The features are as follows:

• Always-on communications, with no setup time
• Fully automated, 1-minute signal acquisition and tracking
• Immediate and rapid signal re-acquisition on satellite line of sight blockages
• Real-time communications for vehicles moving at high speeds in tough terrain
• Over-the-horizon network access with virtually unlimited range

Our RaySat antennas deliver mission-critical data, voice and video for secure, real-time information flow.
It operates in Ku, Ka and X bands.
These antennas are popular in applications such as:
Digital satellite news gathering (DSNG)

• Maritime (commercial shipping and cruise ships)
• In-flight connectivity
• Trains and buses
• Offshore
• Cellular backhaul